Compatible and Remanufactured Brother Printer Toner Cartridges Help Consumers Save Money

Compatible and Remanufactured Brother Printer Toner Cartridges Help Consumers Save Money

Compatible brother printer toner cartridges are the answer for people who want the quality of laser print but cannot afford the relatively high prices of name-brand products. Small businesses, for instance, may do a lot of printing, making the ongoing cost of new cartridges a big hit in the budget. If they choose remanufactured or compatible cartridges instead, they can sometimes pay only about 25 percent of the cost of new name-brand items. That can save the company hundreds of dollars over just a few years.

Extending Toner Lifespan

People generally have learned that there is always still plenty of toner left in a cartridge when the first message appears on the printer that the toner is gone. Somebody has to remove the cartridge and shake up the toner, after which it will print numerous pages without any problems. Eventually, though, there will be areas that are lighter or even dark streaks appearing. At that point, a different product must be inserted.

OEM and Third-Party Products

The name-brand items are referred to as original equipment manufacturer products, or OEM. Authoritative online sources explain why buying remanufactured and compatible products allows the user to have excellent print quality and the same number of pages produced by OEM toner. The same is true for ink cartridges for inkjet printers. Those printers are so affordable that manufacturers commonly give them away with computer purchases, relying on new cartridge sales for profits.

Expert Insight

Consumer Reports does not review refilled, remanufactured or other third-party cartridges. This organization recommends buying from suppliers that offer a money-back guarantee, such as the one provided by YoYoInk. That helps consumers avoid the inconsistent products that some buyers have complained about. Instead, they can feel assured they are choosing an item of high quality.

Concluding Thoughts

The high price of new toner cartridges gives consumers a sound reason to search for alternatives. Refilled and compatible products fill that need for individuals and businesses who simply cannot justify buying the substantially more expensive items. The demand for these products may one day convince printer manufacturers to sell their ink and toner at lower prices, but in the meantime, consumers have another option.